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Exo 16 - Food of God

This first moment of adversity placed Israel in a tough situation, on one hand they were never in want for food yet on the other hand God has gifted them with freedom and much more.  Two reactions are placed before them, trust or fear.  How do you react in bad situations?  Do you reach out to the only One who has promised to "never leave or forsake you"?  Or do we allow the "instinct" of self-preservation to kick in?  We are face with the same choice that Israel was face with every day in the wilderness, trust or fear.


Exo 15 - Songs of Remembering

This song came about after Israel was finally freed from their captivity they wished to express their love and fear for the Lord so they broke out into song.  ; )   


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Exo 13-14 - The Watery Corner

God has freed Israel!!!  or so they thought.  One last great victory over the one who would keep them enslaved to a pagan life.


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Exo 12-13 - Memorial

If there was one celebration the people of God never forgot, it was the Passover.  This was meant to be a time of reflection upon God and His deliverance.  Although not just deliverance from physical slavery but spiritual from sin.  

If God is leading you out of somewhere, He's got a plan to lead you into something better.


Exo 11-12 - Lamb of God

The judgement has come . . . for Egypt . . . in Exodus.

"Behold the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world!"   -John the Baptist

This is one of the bigger turning points in Israel's history because not only is this the final plague of Egypt and they are about to leave slavery but God has made a very distinct point about salvation, it's for everyone who chooses the Way of Christ.


Exo 10 - P8,P9 Late Night Snack

One of the most powerful god in Egyptian mythology was Ra.  We say was because the Creator God (Yahweh) was able to stop the entire sun (Ra) from coming out for three days . . . Game-Set-Match . . . Mic Drop . . . Match Point.  But the Pharaoh thinking himself a god was still unwilling to bow the knee to One who created even him.


Exo 9 - P5,P6,P7 Double Triple Play‘g

Round three . . . GO!  God continues to try to reach out to a pagan nation and most have still chosen to reject the God of Heaven.  So now He is going to show them that He is also God over their crops and healing.  Remember at any time they could leave their old life and move into Goshen and be free.


Exo 8 - P2,P3,P4 Triple Play‘g

It has begun!  The standoff between a mere man who thinks himself as a god and the Creator God.  Though God does have the upper hand He is always trying to reach the lost and in this case He doesn't JUST have His eye on Israel but also a pagan nation.


Exo 6-7 - P1 Death of Hapi

Although Moses feels that he may be failing God, little does he realize that God has a much bigger plan in place.  Even though God has told Moses EXACTLY what will happen Moses still, to some degree, can't see past the situation at hand.

Hapi (Nile god) - Wikipedia


Exo 5-6 - Sun Dried Disappointment

The first confrontation with the Egyptian king did not go as well as Moses would have hoped but his concern was more about God and His character than about himself being shunned for failing to free Israel.

Moses' Prophetic Call | The Biblical Timeline (

Hard(Physical) Evidence of the Biblical History In The Dirt | Nu-Made Man Ministries & International Missions ( -- "ARCHAEOLOGY Confirms the Bible"

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