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Exo 31 - Lord of the Sabbath

The Sabbath topic may be one of the more hotly debated topics in scripture we can all agree that Jesus is the "Lord of the Sabbath".


Exo 30 - Unclean Incense?

Continuing in the tabernacle blueprints we find that God was even particular about the way they made the incense.  Although it was made up of unclean animal parts.  That would be a great talking point.


Exo 29 - Rum Cake and Drink Offerings

Each offering had a significant meaning to the Lord and to add to that point we must also keep in mind Moses was given these blueprints from God's tabernacle in Heaven.


Exo 28 - Underwear?

God didn't just give Israel health laws he also helped introduce them to hygiene through under garments.  These ceremonies and sacrifices were not only supposed to be conducted in a certain way but also with the correct clothing.


Exo 27 - House for God

God may not need a home, but Israel needed one to reach Him.


Exo 26 - Red Goat’s Hair Tent

If there is anything that we can learn about God from what has happened to Israel so far is that He is quite particular and organized.  Some of us may look at what He's asking His people to do and not fully understand what His plans are, but I assure you, God does NOTHING without purpose. 


Exo 25 - Indiana Jones

This glorified box that God had Israel build was meant to hold His character, yup you heard it right, God's own character was placed inside.  The Testimony was God's way to reach a fallen humanity that didn't know any better. 


Exo 24 - Blue Commandments?

Yes, God's law or commandments more than likely were blue.  God invited the elders of Israel to meet Him and have a meal.  Yeah, I know I didn't know that was in scripture until we went through this ourselves.


Ten Commandments Series


Exo 23 - Pokémon and Mothra

God continues His explanation of the law He gave Moses because humans are more prone to find those little cracks, we can slip through, so we can do what WE want to do.  


"The heart is deceitfully wicked, who can know it?"   -Jeremiah 


Don't follow your heart, follow Jesus instead.


Exo 22 - Make it Good

Like a father speaking to their child who is trying to find a loophole in the command they are receiving, God clarifies again the commandments He just gave.  Even in the Old Testament God is the same person with the same character as Jesus in the New Testament.  

"If you have seen Me you have seen the Father."    -Jesus


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